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International efforts have not succeeded in supporting sustainable peace in effective ways. A more conducive space for collaboration and international engagement is needed. This project generates new avenues for building a robust global peace infra-structure.

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The project has emerged out of conversations among policy-makers and practitioners, international and national stakeholders, in conflict affected contexts and at the level of UN headquarters and donor organisations.

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Conducive Space for Peace Project

The world is facing major threats to global peace. Many of the conflicts we see today are ‘old’ conflict where the causes of violence and conflict have gone unaddressed for years. New conflict lines between North and South, the West and the rest, are developing rapidly.

International engagement to promote sustainable peace and help prevent renewed violent conflict have not proved to be effective, despite several reform initiatives and good intentions. Extensive focus has gone into stopping violence and ‘stabilising’ conflict situations, however much less in prevention of violent conflict and sustaining peace. This discussion is now taking centre stage at the UN Headquarters. Most agree that changes are needed in the conditions for funding, programming and implementing peacebuilding efforts in order to promote a conducive space for collaboration on peacebuilding. The scope of the challenge has been known for years, however it has proved easier said than done. There is now a pressing need to come up with innovative ways to jointly explore, visualise and take action on future avenues for multi-stakeholder collaboration in a robust global peace infra-structure. This project intends to do just that.