November 30th 2916, John Paul Lederach visited University of Copenhagen and held a workshop and public lecture on Creative Processes and Peacebuilding. John Paul Lederach is Professor at Joan Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, as well as Senior Fellow with Humanity United. He has inspired much of the field of peacebuilding, has coined the concept of conflict transformation and provided new perspectives on peacebuilding as an creative vocation that must be firmly embedded in the moral imagination of humanity. John Paul has been a key inspiration in the development of the Conducive Space for Peace project.

During John Paul Lederach’s visit to Copenhagen, William Ongoro from South Sudan was in Copenhagen to receive the Livia Foundation Peace Award. William Ongoro has served as coordinator for the Platform for Peace and Reconciliation in South Sudan, and despite immense challenges and security concerns for him and his family, he remains engaged in creating spaces for collaboration and reconciliation among the people of South Sudan. John Paul Lederach and Humanity United will be supporting development of capacities and platforms for peace in South Sudan in the coming years.