Over the last few weeks, Conducive Space for Peace and Peace Direct have conducted a series of online consultations to get input from peacebuilders around the world on the implications of the Corona crisis on their lives, organisations and peacebuilding efforts. During these consultations, the participants expressed the need to create a platform for sharing, learning, innovating among local peacebuilders and connecting local peacebuilders with international actors. That is why we are very excited to announce that we have created an online platform with the aim of making trans-local connections with peacebuilders all around the world. 

This online community will be built and shaped by and for local peacebuilders in a co-creation process, but will be open for civil society actors, donors, researchers, think tanks, multilateral organizations and more to join in on the conversation as well. It will offer exclusive content, thematic discussions, opportunities to expand your network, and both online and real-life events. You can connect with people from your region, with someone working in the same field as you or start conversations across these categories. As the momentum for action is harnessed in our discussions, we can jointly take action to support local peacebuilders responding to COVID-19.

The platform is open for all to join but requires an invitation. If you have an interest in engaging in these conversations or know local peacebuilders who may benefit from this, please contact Christian Cito Cirhigiri at christian@conducivespace.org, and he will invite you to the platform. Our hope is that for each story, experience or idea shared, we will build a knowledge base that every member of this community can tap into. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation on our platform!