The Conducive Space for Peace Accelerator was held in Geneva, Switzerland during Geneva Peace Week from November 5th till November 8th 2018. The main part of the process was a four-day workshop bringing together cohort teams working in different conflict-affected contexts on innovative practices in international-national collaboration on peacebuilding.

The Accelerator gave practitioners a space to reflect and act together as a team in order to ‘accelerate’ their initiative and the broader changes it represents.  Teams went on learning journeys, got inspiration and new insights from other cohort teams and team members, and connected with the activities and energy of Geneva Peace Week. Each cohort team was composed of participants representing innovative partnerships between international organisations (UN agencies and other), local government, international and national NGOs and other relevant actors involved in collaborating around and developing new practice.

Five teams worked on issues such as enabling locally owned youth-led dialogue platforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, strengthening local digital innovation in peacebuilding in Syria to enable broad and deep participation in high level change processes, placing the local population at the center of the peace-building system in Mali through systemic action research, and supporting and accompanying young female peace leaders in playing effective roles in peace building in South Sudan, Liberia, and Nepal. Also, a Conducive Space for Peace team worked alongside the other cohorts to explore how to transform the current international system of support to national/local peacebuilding in order for it to support a conducive space for collaboration on sustainable peace. International advisors – Gay Rosenblum-Kumar from Peace Direct and Non-Violent Action (NY), George Varughese from Niti Foundation (Nepal), Sweta Velpillay from CDA (Sri Lanka), Catriona Gourlay from Peace Nexus (Geneva), Jenny Aulin from IPTI (Geneva) worked with the CSP cohort to challenge and advance the thinking.

A public event was held on November 8th at Palais des Nations to share the challenges that cohort teams were trying to address in the different conflict affected contexts, and the insights and new strategic direction which had been sparked by the Accelerator. The event represented an alternative to the typical UN-led panels and discussions, and gave an inspiring glimpse of the energy and wisdom that lies at the heart of national/local peacebuilding work, and gave food for thought on the urgent need to change the international support system to be more conducive for supporting local peacebuilding efforts.



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