Conducive Space for Peace calls for volunteers and active members

Thursday March 28th 4:30 to 6:30pm in Rysensteensgade 3

Who are we: Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) is an International peacebuilding organization based in Denmark with the aim of exploring how to effectively promote sustainable peace and bring about institutional change in the international system of peacebuilding support. Our ambition is to shift the agenda on local ownership in peacebuilding from nice rhetoric to new ways of working. The overall goal of CSP is to transform the international system of support to peacebuilding in a manner that puts local ownership first and changes the structures, attitudes, and behavior of the system as it frames the collaboration between international and local actors working to promote sustainable peace.

As part of its engagement in Denmark CSP is inviting interested persons to join us as active members and volunteers in our efforts to create a more effective global system of support to peacebuilding. CSP aims at mobilizing peacebuilders to think (and do) peace differently and will create space for both young and old peacebuilders who are currently seeking ways to be part of a community of learning and practice on peacebuilding in Denmark and globally.

We have many ideas for how to create an engaging space for our members and volunteers to work creatively with new ideas, be part of the organization’s ongoing change efforts, and to grow as peacebuilding practitioners, but we intend to develop our member and volunteer spaces together with the members and volunteers themselves. Some of our current thoughts include contributing to our resource platform, developing policy briefs, producing knowledge products for internal and external use, participating in high-level events on the peacebuilding agenda, engaging in the collaboration with peacebuilding practitioners in the Global South on concrete programmes of CSP, developing activities on peacebuilding that cuts across volunteer networks in Denmark and in the Global South, as well as getting access to insights and people within the field that can guide career choices. We are therefore inviting you to participate in a first meeting. This will be the first of a series of meetings hosted by Conducive Space for Peace, some of which will be thematic meetings for a broader audience, and some of which will be regular meetings among the CSP staff, volunteers and members.

Agenda for the meeting:

  • Introduction by Mie Roesdahl, CSP Director: The challenges and opportunities in peacebuilding today and a brief introduction to the CSP agenda, learnings and strategy
  • Workshop: Exploration and co-creation of how to be a CSP volunteer – interests and opportunities

Time and date:                           28 March, 2019; 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Place:                                             Globalt Fokus, Rysensteensgade 3 (Undergrunden)

Sign up by:                                    15 March, 2019


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