Mie Roesdahl has for the past 25 years worked as a peacebuilding and human rights practitioner in countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. As an entrepreneur, change agent, and leader in the field, Mie founded the Conducive Space for Peace initiative in 2016. Engaging with grass-root and international NGOs, policy-makers, bureaucrats, and other stakeholders, Mie pursues an ambitious agenda of creating linkages where they do not exist, of promoting transformation where no one thinks it possible, of developing innovative ideas and processes, together with others, that can strengthen collaboration on peacebuilding and human rights at the local and global level. Among her formal affiliations, Mie Roesdahl has served as Secretary General of Oxfam IBIS, Department Director and Senior Adviser at the Danish Institute for Human Rights, and co-director (with Professor Ole Wæver) of a four year ambitious research project on human rights and peacebuilding. Also, Mie Roesdahl served as a Conflict Transformation and Human Rights Senior Adviser for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nepal where she worked with local and international partners on peacebuilding and human rights and served as adviser to the Office of the Prime Minister in Nepal. In her early years of peacebuilding engagement, Mie organized and led the first International Women’s Expedition to cross the Greenland Ice Cap on skies (in 1991) with Russian, American, Greenlandic and Danish participation.


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