Organizational set-up

While the Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) initiative was launched within the institutional framework of the Centre for Resolution of International Conflict (CRIC) at University of Copenhagen and the Conducive Space for Peace Organisation in November 2016, the organizational set-up shifted in 2017 with the start of an ‘incubator phase’. Dialogue with both Humanity United and Reos Partners, who would later become strategic partners, had started in 2016. In mid-2017 Humanity United came in with funding and support, and Oxfam IBIS took on the role as lead implementing agency during this first incubator phase.  Mariama Conteh served as Oxfam IBIS’ project manager and CSP Lead from October 2017 to September 2018 and was supported by a team of peacebuilding advisors from Oxfam IBIS and beyond. A Strategic Group consisting of a senior adviser from each of the strategic partners, Humanity United, Reos Partners, and Oxfam IBIS actively supported the strategic development and direction of the initiative as well as the concrete implementation of its components. As of December 2018, the organizational set-up is being revisited before the initiative is taken into a new longer-term phase. The initiative will be lead by Mie Roesdahl, now Executive Director of Conducive Space for Peace organisation, with the support of the Board of the organisation and the Strategic Partners.


Strategic Partners

Advisory Council



Board of CSP