Shift Power for Peace Launches Digital Inclusion Initiative for Local Peacebuilders

Shift Power for Peace Launches Digital Inclusion Initiative for Local Peacebuilders

Are you working to build peace in your community, in a fragile or conflict-affected country? Has your work been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?   

Would access to digital tools, online courses for digital peacebuilding, or a network of local peacebuilders help you continue, adapt or develop your working during this time of global restrictions and lockdown?  

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, local people working to build peace in their communities have expressed a need for technological tools, and additional knowledge and resources to adapt their work to a global environment more connected by technology than ever before. In response, the “Shift Power for Peace” collaboration are pleased to announce that we today are launching the Digital Inclusion for Peace initiative. 

Digital Inclusion for Peace is designed to support local people working to build peace in fragile or conflict-affected countries, to continue and adapt their work in digital spaces, through and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.  The Digital Inclusion for Peace initiative is open to any individual, group or organisation working to build peace in a fragile or conflict affected country, whose work has been disrupted by the pandemic, and who could benefit from access to digital tools to continue or modify this work.  

It includes access to online courses for digital peacebuilding, networking via the online platform Conducive Space for Peace launched last month, and a fund that is open for peacebuilders to apply for a grant of between $50 and $750, to purchase equipment, software and tech support.  

Examples of what a grant may cover include, but are not limited to: Computer, smartphone, radio programming equipment, Microsoft Office software, Adobe software, internet credit, Skype credit. 

Learn more about our online courses, online platform and grant opportunities here.

“A significant shift was already needed in how we approach peacebuilding and community building work. This crisis puts a previous lack of focus on resilience in the spotlight. We feel that there’s never been a more important time for the work we are doing.” 

– A local peacebuilder’s message in our “COVID-19 and Local Peacebuilding” consultation in April 2020. 

About Shift Power for Peace: 

Shift Power for Peace is a collaboration between Conducive Space for Peace, Humanity United and Peace Direct. It was established with the shared goal of transforming the way local, national and international groups approach peacebuilding efforts, to focus on the agency and power of local people, working to build peace in their own contexts. 

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