Radical ideas change the world. We believe each of us have the potential to create change for peace and equity, in ways that better support local leadership. We work in partnership with diverse individuals and organisations to make this happen.

Our mission is to transform the global peacebuilding system. We work with individuals in civil society and international organisations, and networks in conflict affected contexts to address conflict and polarisation. Our partners and collaborators are the drivers of change and promoters of sustainable peace. We are an international non-governmental organisation registered in Denmark working with staff, consultants and advisors from around the world. See how we are taking our mission forward.


How did we get here?

The idea for Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) started as conversations in Nepal in 2012 and 2013 among colleagues from Nepali civil society organisations on how they could be better supported by the international peacebuilding system. These conversations evolved together with systems change thinkers on how to prompt global transformation, so the system strengthens local leadership and better supports locally led initiatives. Based on these conversations, CSP was founded in 2016.

Even though we recognise that the peacebuilding and development systems are intertwined, it is possible for us to hone in on peacebuilding, while likeminded organisations seek to transform other aspects of the global aid system. We work with people across contexts affected by conflict, fragility and polarisation, towards transformative change. We do this by connecting people, networks and organisations, often working to reimagine and create a sense of community, fostering shared learning. 

We are driven by the values of dignity, equity, integrity and strive to embody these values throughout our work, partnerships and organisational culture.

For us, Walking the Talk is the process of holding ourselves accountable to the organisation’s values. We do this by adopting ways of working we hope to see from across the peacebuilding and development sectors internally, ensuring equity in our actions as best we can and reflecting on how we are doing, and where can do better.

Throughout our work, we engage as people with people, in open, collaborative and thoughtful ways. We seek to address inequalities in spaces we are in and respect those we collaborate with on equal terms, valuing what each person brings.

When working in partnerships with others, we engage in the spirit of open collaboration, mutual learning and exchange. We strive to actively engage in our partnerships, focus on reciprocity, and recognise and navigate the power we hold.

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