Podcast Launch – Unpacking the Chain of Influence Framework

Podcast Launch – Unpacking the Chain of Influence Framework

Our first podcast has been launched! We invite you to join the conversation where CSP Director, Mie Roesdahl, presents our publication ‘Chain of Influence: Framework for Systems Change’ and alongside colleagues discusses avenues for international organisations to pursue change within and between international organisations in order to enable a more conducive space for local leadership. We also hear from Lesley Connolly, Team Leader at the Life & Peace Institute, who speaks about their own work on shifting chains of influence.

You can listen to the full-length podcast through:
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3ntlOW3
Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3yyQL1i
Google Podcast: https://bit.ly/3NG1Ba1  

Local leadership and equitable partnership in peace and development efforts are central for achieving long-term, sustainable results. Nevertheless, aid system dynamics such as upward accountability, partnership modalities and funding mechanisms often impose significant constraints and render it challenging to meet the needs of local actors. The core of the thinking in the Chain of Influence is that funding and power are transferred through the international aid system in a way that limits the space for local leadership – but if the chains are shifted there is scope for a more effective and sustainable aid system to emerge.

The Chain of Influence Framework gives an insight into the workings of the international aid system, offers pathways for accelerating a much-needed change and highlights the important role we all hold in shifting support to best enable space for local leadership!

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