Invitation to Learning Series: Innovative Practices in Changing the International System – Challenges and Opportunities

invitation to Learning Series: Innovative Practices in Changing the International System – Challenges and Opportunities

Are you a champion of innovation and eager to be a part of a dynamic community driving positive change in the international peace and development landscape? If so, we are thrilled to extend a warm invitation for our upcoming Learning Series.

In this first session Innovative Practices in Changing the international system – Challenges and Opportunities., we will reflect on our experiences of working on local leadership through innovations in funding practices, accountability and learning, and partnership practices in the spirit of mutual learning and collaboration. We will also explore successes and setbacks and attempt to grasp what we can gain from unpacking how we overcame setbacks and how we can best support each other as a community. We hope to welcome you to this supportive and collaborative community as we learn how to best support local leadership in all our work.

The series is tailored to help those working in Danish NGOs to continue to learn from and engage with one another, as well as connect with colleagues outside of Denmark. The series will consist of four sessions held over the course of the year: each focused on a different aspect of the work of strengthening local leadership and advancing equitable programming, decided in collaboration with what interests you the most.  

The Learning Series will be co-designed and co-owned by everyone who joins us. We hope everyone will contribute and share their experience and shape the sessions in the future. In the subsequent sessions, we will seek to draw on the vast global community of colleagues and experts working to strengthen local leadership and support equitable programming.

Join us and connect with like-minded colleagues and contribute to supporting local leadership and equitable programming in your work.

Kindly register for this workshop no later than Thursday, June 15th. You can sign-up using this link We value your knowledge and experience in this field and hope you will join us in exploring how to better support local leadership!
Should you have any questions, you can contact us through


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