Innovators Hive Launch

Innovators Hive Launch

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are excited to announce the launch of Innovators Hive an online library and community space dedicated to driving innovations that strengthen local leadership in the peacebuilding and development sectors. Innovators Hive was developed out of a desire to see increased connection, sharing and learning between the many initiatives, projects, practices and people driving change for local leadership.

Explore an online library of diverse resources, from blogs to reports and more, and learn about what others are doing to strengthen local leadership. We hope to see the library continue to grow and that you will share best practice and resources of your own.

We also have the Innovators Hive community, a gathering place where like-minded people come together in a safe, supportive space. You can share your expertise, seek advice and connect with others who are interested in local leadership and systems change from around the world!

As part of Innovators Hive, we are also launching a monthly newsletter, Innovation Insights: The Buzz from Innovators Hive. In Innovation Insight, we will highlight the most recently uploaded resources, topics that are of particular interest to the Innovators Hive community, snapshots into the community conversations and other updates.

Finally, Innovators Hive will be complemented by in-person and online learning sessions, workshops and convenings. So, stay tuned, and be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming events!

Please join us as we make Innovators Hive co-owed. We are looking forward to hearing how you use Innovators Hive and hope you will return to the Innovators Hive library and community often, much like bees as they return to their hive after cross-pollinating.



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