Invitation to Learning Series on Systems Innovation and Transformation for Promoting Local Leadership

Invitation to Learning Series on Systems Innovation and Transformation for Promoting Local Leadership

Are you a champion of innovation and transformation driving positive change in the international peace and development landscape and eager to be a part of a dynamic community? If so, we are delighted to extend an invitation to our upcoming virtual Learning Series for stimulating discussions with resource persons and peers.

The wider context for initiatives designed to improve the aid system has changed significantly over the past five years. The prevalence Localisation strategies, the recently concluded #Shiftthepower summit and the numerous pledges and change efforts speak to the commitment of organisations and individuals to meaningfully promote local leadership. In this context, the Innovative Practices note and the associated Kumu map further highlights the proliferation of innovations by change agents. This progress has catalytic potential to further promote local leadership and equitable partnerships by sharing and learning across the various initiatives and enhancing complementarity.

The upcoming learning convenings are designed both exclusively for civil society in Denmark and for sharing among Danish and non-Danish organisations.

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Learning from Promoting Local Leadership in the Humanitarian Sector: Take-aways for Peacebuilding 

Thursday 18 January 2024  

09.30-11.00 CET 


Representatives from peacebuilding and humanitarian sectors (open to Danish and non-Danish audience 

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Whole of Organisation Approach: Role of Support Functions in Promoting Local Leadership 

Thu 25 January 2024 

09.30-11.00 CET 

Finance, MEL, compliance and other non-programme teams from Danish civil society organisations 

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Moving the Needle from within: Harnessing Leadership Potential of Individuals Promoting Local Leadership  

Tue 30 January 2024 

09.30-11.00 CET 

Localisation leads and programme staff of Danish civil society organisations 

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The convenings aim to provide safe space for reflection and solidarity, as such, offers a unique opportunity to explore how initiatives to promote local leadership take root, what are the enabling and disabling conditions for them and how they can translate to institutional change. They are part of CSP’s recently launched platform for innovators and change agents to connect, exchange, and inspire each other – The Innovators Hive (IH).

The Innovators Hive: Is an online library and community space dedicated to driving innovations that strengthen local leadership in the peacebuilding and development sectors. Members explore knowledge products and tools, share their resources, and connect with a vibrant community of change makers worldwide. The IH was born out of a recognition that globally, there are many initiatives, projects, practices, and people driving change for local leadership, but that often these initiatives and individuals are not sufficiently connected. We developed Innovators Hive out of a desire to see increased connection, sharing and learning.

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