Strategic Framework 2019 – 2022

Conducive Space for Peace envisions an effective international peacebuilding system that strengthens the agency and power of local actors and provides a conducive space for collaboration for sustainable peace based on equality and dignity. Our mission is to contribute to the transformation of the international system of support to peacebuilding in a manner that changes the structures, attitudes and processes of collaboration and creates a more enabling space for local peacebuilding.


Conducive Space for Peace (CSP) consists of people who are driven by the challenges we see, the need for radical change, and the fact that few actors take on these challenges and pursue this change agenda. We are driven by the magnitude of the challenges, in particular how the international system for support to peacebuilding is often not providing a conducive space for local actors. We are driven by our experience, leading to a recognition that local agency and power holds the key to effective peacebuilding. If international institutions are able to provide a more conducive space for local actors to lead peacebuilding processes, we will be more successful in achieving sustainable peace, nationally and globally.


Read our 2019 – 2022 Strategic Framework and see how we are taking this mission forward.

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