Covid-19 and the Impact on South Sudanese Women Peacebuilders

Two young South Sudanese peacebuilders have co-authored a publication that portrays both the immense challenges faced by South Sudanese women peacebuilders in the time of COVID-19 and the extra-ordinary power and potential these women hold for building peace even during difficult times. Sixteen young women peacebuilders have contributed their stories and Vicky Amal Pax Kamilo and Ajwok Mary Valentino have consolidated the insights into this important piece of work.

South African based Unyoke Foundation is accompanying the young women in their peacebuilding work and has also accompanied them during the process of compiling their insights and recommendations for change. Conducive Space for Peace has only served as a catalyst for helping turn the text and pictures into a compelling publication that will hopefully gain attention.

Publications like this need attention. They are worth attending to. This is not someone relaying the story of others. This is the stories told by those who live it every day, facing great uncertainties and danger, standing together powerfully, and standing up for what they believe in. They make a real difference.

The global system that supports peacebuilding must recognize that it is when, and only when, we are able to provide adequate, timely, and relevant support to local women peacebuilders that we can make a real difference. Thus, the questions that we, at Conducive Space for Peace, hope that the readers of this publication will hold after reading the text are: How can we make ourselves useful in supporting these strong women peacebuilders? And what is the first step we need to take in order to provide this support better than what we are able to do now?

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