A Global System in Flux: Pursuing Systems Change for Locally-Led Peacebuilding

After 5 years of listening and pondering about the global peacebuilding system and locally-led peacebuilding, we have during the last couple of months finally consolidated our thinking into this report, “A Global System in Flux: Pursuing Systems Change for Locally-Led Peacebuilding”. With violent conflict reaching historic highs, we take the temperature on the societal trends, the state of the global peacebuilding system, and the current approaches to systems change and locally-led peacebuilding.

Our analysis shows that the space for locally-led peacebuilding is far from conducive in effectively promoting local actors and their key role in promoting sustainable peace. Systemic dysfunctionalities are standing in the way of moving from rhetoric to reality.

At a time when the world is in flux, it is paramount that the international community seize this critical moment for change and seek complementarities and alignment in initiatives to collectively enhance the space for locally-led peacebuilding.

In the report, we explore how to link innovative ways of providing direct support to local actors with broader systems transformation efforts and offer a call to action for ways to pursue systems change. By providing this snapshot, we hope to expand the scope for strategic dialogue on the multiple entry points for change to better enable a shift of power to locally-led peacebuilding. We invite you to join us in these efforts.

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